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Find a new tenant – How it works is an innovative and new real estate portal for tenant seekers. The goal is to find for a tenant seeker easy and without a high expenditure of time a potential plus financial strong new tenant.

How it works

1. Advertise

First you need to register on as tenant seeker. Afterwards you have the possibility to advertise your flat at It is your decision if you want to publish your contact details or not. To publish your contact details is not necessary because you are able to handle entire communication via If you do not publish your contact details you avoid receiving unnecessary contact requests and therefore the involved expenditure of time. As tenant seeker you have furthermore the chance to sell your inventory from your old flat on

2. Candidates apply for flat viewing

In the case flat hunters are interested in your flat, they have the possibility to apply for the flat viewing via After application has submitted you will be able to see in your user profile the details of the applicant on an anonym basis.

3. Filter candidates / Invitation flat viewing

You have received all important anonymised information of applicants (number of applicants, salary, debt information, animals etc.). Those informations enable you to select only potential and furthermore financial strong applicants for invitation to your flat viewing. In the case you want to sell inventory you are able to upload pictures and set a cost and target price in your advertisement. You will see the biddings from applicants in your user profile and are able to filter the applicants accordingly. This pre-selection before flat viewing will ensure, that only potential and financial strong candidates will come to your flat viewing. With your housing administration will only receive applications forms from financial strong applicants and therefore you are exempt from your duty to find potential applicants.

4. Flat viewing

The flat hunters come as agreed on to your flat viewing. You already know that your housing administration will receive afterwards only application forms from potential and financial strong candidates. As result you are exempt from your duty to find potential applicants.

5. Application / Rejection

Application for the flat takes place in the normal way with an application form and by post. You are able to send the housing administration application form to the candidates with your flat viewing invitation electronically via Candidates are able to download and print out the form anytime. As soon you know who will be the new tenant or latest after handover date you need to select the successful new tenant on Afterwards all other candidates will see a rejection in their user profile and you do not need to inform anyone. explanation video

Profit from and find with us a new solvent tenant – With you comply with the obligation to find new solvent tenants for your housing administration.

Status messages

The modern system of gives to all flats automatically a status according to which phase the current assignment process will be. All applicants always see the current status of the flat and therefore are always up to date. It is not necessary to communicate by telephone or e-mail, all important information will be announced by our innovative system.

Appointments in your calendar

In your user profile you have a calendar at your disposal. All upcoming flat viewing appointments will be shown with all details in your calendar. The offers to you the possibility, to export all appointments to your Outlook or Google calendar. Furthermore for each flat viewing appointment provides to you a PDF-Document with all relevant information.

Your benefits

The new real estate portal offers to all involved parties many benefits and possibilities. Convince yourself and check out all your benefits.

With you find fast and easy a new potential and financial strong new tenant! Furthermore you reduce your administrative expenditure and save a lot of time. Register now!


Do you have still questions? Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Who we are is a newly real estate portal in Switzerland. You are able to find potential and financial strong new tenants on Only select potential candidates to your flat viewing and your housing administration will only receive good applications.

Your prospects

On you profit from many benefits and possibilities. Our new and innovative real estate portal reduces your expenditure of time and help you to find fast and easy a financial strong new tenant.